Seventh Framework Programme European Union

Project funded under FP7
Contract number: 217190
Programme: Cooperation
Instrument: CSA (Support)


Welcome to the EULAKS project website.

EULAKS is a project funded by the European Community's Cooperation Programme (Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities) under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

As a horizontal support action, EULAKS connects socio-economic research on the dynamics of the Knowledge Society in the European Union and Latin American and Caribbean Countries.


What is the central aim of the project?

EULAKS fosters a shared understanding of the challenges in the construction of Knowledge Societies in Europe and Latin America through the support for networks and partnerships between social science communities of both regions.


EULAKS pursues the following objectives:

  • To support current and future collaborative research endeavours in the field of SSH between the European Union and Latin American and Caribbean Countries
  • To strengthen networks that link social science communities and institutions to policymakers and practitioners in the countries of the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean


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