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New EC Release: Towards the EU-LAC Knowledge Area


The European Commission just released the report:

Towards the EU-LAC Knowledge Area – Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union for Sustainable Development and Social Inclusion

The Guadalajara Summit in 2004 already placed
on the political agenda the development of an
EU-LAC Knowledge Area for solving societal
problems and creating new opportunities. The report presents some progress and initiatives that have been made in this direction - amongst others the EULAKS project. EULAKS is acknowledged in the report for its endeavour to value the contributions of the Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) in the process of the opening of the European Research Area (ERA) to third countries by providing in-depth insights into socio-economic and policy development processes (p.31).

The report also refers to the “Joint Initiative
for Research and Innovation” that is seen as an additional momentum in the bi-regional cooperation EU-LAC.

You may find the document online on the EULAKS website in the document section:

WP 1: Review, Analysis and Policy Recommendation