Seventh Framework Programme European Union

Project funded under FP7
Contract number: 217190
Programme: Cooperation
Instrument: CSA (Support)


Title of presentation
Download Presentation Real world approaches to assessing the impact of research on policy Annette Boaz (Kings College London, UK)
Download Presentation Conceptual and practical insights on the link between research and policy – A UNESCO perspective Christina von Fürstenberg (UNESCO, Paris)
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Social sciences and humanities (SSH) research and science, technology and innovation (STI) policymaking in Latin America – Results from a nexus perception study Michele Snoeck (Universidad de la República, Uruguay)
  The analysis, role and evolution of EU-LAC collaborative research networks Jane Russell (UNAM, Mexico)

Trends and patterns in cooperation between Europe and Latin America and scientific communities and networks between EU and LAC research (including SSH) Rigas Arvanitis (L'Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, France)

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Strategic studies of digital ecosystems research in Europe and Latin America Paolo Dini (London School of Economics and Political Science, UK), Lorena Rivera León (Technopolis, Belgium)

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Daniel Villavicencio, Jordy Thirión, Mónica Casalet

Different dimensions of knowledge society capacity building in Latin America Daniel Villavicencio (Universidad Autónoma de México, Mexico), Jordy Micheli Thirión (Universidad Autónoma de México, Mexico), Mónica Casalet (FLACSO, Mexico

Panel discussion: Utilisation of SSH research results for public policy design – The European versus the Latin American experience Rafael Popper, Lloyd Anderson, Christina von Furstenberg, Annette Boaz, Jane Russell

Download Presentation: Roberto López-Martínez

Concluding panel discussion: How can the SSH improve the design, implementation and monitoring of STI public policy? Matthias Weber, Alasdair Reid, Cornelia Nauen, Rosa Quevedo, Roberto López-Martínez, Manuela Alfé




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Annette Boaz 1.42M
Christina von Fürstenberg 394.5K
Jordy Micheli 774.5K
Michele Snoeck 3.63M
Daniel Villavicencio 456K
Lorena Rivera León 2.72M
Paolo Dini 966.7K
Casalet_Foresight 2.72M
Mónica Casalet 823.98K
Mónica Casalet 823.98K
Roberto López-Martínez 1.17M