Summer School

The Latin American Faculty for the Social Sciences (FLACSO) will be the host of a Summer School that will be held over two weeks in Mexico City on the campus of FLACSO Mexico. The Summer School constitutes a joint activity of the EULAKS project and will be principally co-ordinated by FLACSO. The central aim of the Summer School is the creation of a face-to-face linkage between young European and Latin American researchers and senior scholars in the social sciences and humanities with a focus on the design and implementation of public science, technology and innovation (STI) policies.

The Summer School will consist of seminars and workshops that are aimed at stimulating the discussion among students and provide them the theoretical and conceptual fundamentals for the formulation and elaboration of specific problems related to the dynamics of the evolving knowledge society in a comparative European - Latin American perspective. A central purpose of the Summer School is to make a contribution to enhance the future participation of young Latin American and Caribbean social scientists in collaborative research projects in the European Community's Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

For more information about the Summer School, please visit the website of the EULAKS Summer School.

Selected modules of the Summer School will be transmitted as virtual conferences in collaboration with the Virtual Conference Centre of the FP7 project GLOBAL (Global Linkage Over BroadbAnd Links).

The Summer School will be open to 15 researchers from European countries and 15 researchers from Latin American and Caribbean countries. Applications will be accepted exclusively online through the application form that is available on the EULAKS website.

The deadline for the submission of applications has been June 12, 2009.

The full call text can be downloaded (in Spanish and English) here:



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